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Hey guys hope every body is having a great day. Hopefuly that is centered on me (referring to camera). Anyways, I just want
to take just a few minutes and share some exciting news with you. God has led us here to Tyler and and we’ve been here for
about a year now and He moved us up here to plant a church and it’s a church that’s really going to be focuses on people that
are hurting and it’s also going to be focuses on the younger generation. That’s why we named it “Relevant Church”. We realize
that a lot of people are just tired of church and I don’t know how else to put it. That’s because they come in and sit down
for an hour on Sunday mornings and they pray, they plop down, and they pay and they leave. Those things are ok but if you are
leaving unchanged I can see how people can get tired of it. So we have made it too much about the minister or the worship team
or something like that and really I think we haven’t made it enough about God. That’s who we’re after (God). That’s the one we’re
chasing is God. God has a plan and purpose for your life. You may be sitting here today thinking you don’t mean a lot to anybody
and maybe you don’t mean alot to yourself. I want you to know there is a God in heaven who is very real, that created yo and He
knows you by name and the Bible says He even knows how many hairs are on your head, He knows your laying down and rising up and
knows your thoughts from afar. That is actually going to be kind of the slogan of our church. Relevant Church –
A Church for the Hurting, the Healing and the Whole. So if you are hurting you need to come be a part of us because we are going
to help you find healing. I’m not talking about “kind of healing” I’m talking about deep seeded healing that is radically going
to transform your life and bring you into a place of wholeness. That is what Christ came to do, He came to set the captives free,
He came to mend the broken hearted. We’re going to help you find healing and we’re going to help you find wholeness. That wholeness
is not going to be in CJ or in serving or in the church, or anything else. That wholeness is going to be in Jesus Christ. That only
one that can touch the deepest parts in you and heal the inner areas of your life. In November 15th in like two weeks, we’re going to
have a one day service. It’s going to be Sunday morning and we’re going to start at 11:00 AM so please come. Now if you’re already
part of a great church and stuff, listen we don’t want you. I don’t mean to sound negative but our desire is not to swap sheep, our
desire is to find lost sheep and to find sheep that are out of church and to bring them into a place where they can find healing
for the hurts and to show people again how relevant church really is. So, November 15th at Bergfeld Park. If you don’t know where that
is, it’s at 5th Street and Broadway at 11:00AM. Even if you don’t know that you can’t be there please repost this video for me because
you never know how through your network of friends that God can use this to help maybe save a life or restore a marriage. God can do
some pretty powerful things through us if we can just be willing and obedient to Him. So November 15th at Bergfeld park at 11:00 AM.
Thanks for watching the video and also check out our new website at Thanks!

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